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"We don't stop playing because we grow old
we grow old because we stop playing"

George B. Shaw

What is Mild Cognitive Impairment?

Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is a degeneration of the cognitive functions which causes changes that are serious enough to be noticed by the individuals themselves or by people around them, but the alterations are not severe enough to interfere with daily life. Approximately from 15 to 20 % of people aged 65 or older have MCI and its prevalence increases with the population age. The causes of MCI are not yet completely understood and the risk factors most strongly associated with it are the same as those for dementia (i.e. advancing age, family history of Alzheimer’s and all the conditions that raise the risk for cardiovascular diseases).

What can be done to prevent it?

No medications are currently approved to treat or prevent MCI. In the last years, a growing attention has been paid to lifestyle interventions. In this context, Cognitive Training seems to be effective in preventing cognitive decline or in delaying its progression. With this aim, several gaming platforms have been designed in which users can train their brain. They specifically target some aspects of cognition (cognitive domains). On the ACDC platform you can play games and learn useful tips to prevent cognitive decline!

What are the cognitive domains?

The cognitive domains are distinct types of functions which the brain uses to execute behaviours. They include Attention, Language, Visuospatial skills, Motor skills, Executive functions, Memory, Knowledge. Particularly, a recent research shows that there are four domains where computerized cognitive training is significantly effective in preventing or delaying cognitive decline. In fact, by playing ACDC platform games, you will find that they concern these four areas, namely:

  • Verbal area
  • Memory
  • Attention
  • Visuospatial skills

What can you do in your daily life to prevent MCI?

In MCI it is important to maintain your brain active and sharp. Therefore, it is recommended to get enough sleep and do some mind exercise throughout the day as often as you can.

Additionally, remember that healthy living is fundamental. As support, at the end of each game, some tips on different topics such as diet, sport, positive aspects of non smoking and not drinking alcohol will be shown, for you to be followed in order to strengthen your brain. Therefore, reduce the most common risk factors and eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, control your weight, quit smoking or avoid tobacco use and limit alcohol consumption.

…If you want to find out more on MCI and how to prevent it, log in and start gaming!

The Acdc Edutainment Platform

The ACDC platform is made up of three main contents:

  1. The scientific contents (click here and here).
  2. The edutainment platform
  3. Health style tips

How To Join The Platform

To join the ACDC platform, play the games and prevent cognitive decline you only need to register, log in, click on “Read before playing” and… play!

What You Will Learn

  1. Through the scientific contents you will learn what the cognitive decline is about and how to prevent it. Click on “Read before playing” but remember that in the “Output” section you can read the entire research about cognitive decline and its prevention.
  2. The games are divided in 4 specific categories: Verbal, Attention, Memory and Visuospatial. The games you will find on ACDC platform are a selection from a very wide games range related to each of the four categories, supporting to prevent cognitive decline.
  3. At the end of each game, different tips will appear: carefully read them because they are useful advices on how to follow an health life style approach to prevent cognitive decline.