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IO1 – Scientific Research

Health Literacy concerns the capacities of people to meet the complex demands of heath in modern society.

This output is a scientific research in the field of Health literacy and more precisely on the “cognitive decline” challenge, starting from the latest EU survey, providing at the same time the building block for public and private relevant players to act in prevention/reduction of the “cognitive decline”.

Health literacy in Europe [EN]

Cognitive training in people with MCI [EN]

IO2 – New Edutainment training module

The aim of these ACDC output is to set up a toolkit of e-learning based edutainment modules for health literacy built around an innovative approach of edu-training embedding professional communication techniques that will be tested on selected target groups of 40-60 age adults.

The ACDC project is realizing an edutainment (education and entertainment) tool for the dissemination of Health Literacy contents by capturing end-users’ interest and attention in an innovative way, allowing having fun while learning. The games will give the opportunity to the users to check and to learn knowledges on cognitive decline prevention.

IO3 – Guideline on health literature basic contents for replication & institutionalisation

In this Output the project structures together into a common narrative description all the activities coming from different partners settings and testing phase.

The guidelines are the tool to structure the outputs of the project in order to replicate the approach of the project. It takes into account the differences and at the same time is capable of identifying a shared path of practical use for other organizations and public authorities across Europe wishing to implement the same approach. They will indicate the suggested way to:

  • Make the service sustainable from a technical /operative point of view:
  • Make it a permanent element of the training strategy for prevention of the health/public authorities
  • Integrate the different levels of competence of the various involved public and private subjects

Guideline on health literature basic contents for replication & institutionalization [EN]