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"We don't stop playing because we grow old
we grow old because we stop playing"

George B. Shaw


Adult Cognitive Decline Consciousness

The ageing of the European population is it serious social and economic challenge that calls for action and innovative solutions at all levels. In connection with ageing, cognitive decline is a phenomenon of growing numeric dimensions, which represent this severe burden for the European families and the healthcare systems.

There is therefore a need to tackle this issue with a strategic perspective, oriented towards prevention and education: health literacy of EU citizens has to improve since it is the basis for allowing people to increase their knowledge, share it within the community, make informed decisions and take action concerning their health

There is a huge amount of health information available both on paper and online across Europe, but if the level of literacy of the population is not adequate, their accessibility becomes almost null, both in terms of capacity to understand them and in terms to find them. Spreading scientifically validated knowledge throughout our communities means huge perspective in the savings in health and social care system, i.e. working towards a more sustainable European society in the long term.

General purpose

The general purpose of ACDC is to develop a set of innovative training tools addressing the health and digital health literacy issue for the prevention and management of cognitive decline in the elderly population and make them available to the widest possible audience.

Specific objectives

  • to validate an innovative form of strategic partnership designed to conceive and deliver the most proper health literacy training tools for better ageing and cognitive decline prevention;
  • to set up and test an e-learning based edutainment tool for health literacy through a gaming approach and structure;
  • to test a viable approach for making the training and educational content available to the widest possible audience of European citizens;
  • to deliver the training contents to adults and -through them – to families.


ACDC target groups are adults in the age of 40-60 as main target for prevention and the same young adults together with their family members as target/beneficiaries for increased health literacy for the effective management of elderly family members with cognitive decline.


Coordinated by IAL Nazionale, ACDC partnership is composed by six more partners from Austria, Belgium, Greece and Italy.

Expected results

ACDC project aims to empower the European adults by making them more informed about their health, to have a change of attitudes of adult people towards healthy behaviours and self-care in order to create a health literacy mentality, to give community and stakeholders a tool to improve the health literacy in our society.