Multiplier Events

The results of our international meeting were presented on 24h July 2020 via Zoom from 9 till 11 a.m. First, „Die Kärntner Volkshochschulen“ was introduced to all participants, also the content of the Online-Meeting. Mr. Spreitzer, an expert in the field of dementia, reported about various aspects of dementia and the importance of ist prevention. Then, „Die Kärntner Volkshochschulen“ and the „European Centre of Entrepreneurship Competence and Excellence“ presented the results of the project ACDC. Finally, questions from the participants were answered.


09.00    Presentation of “Die Kärntner Volkshochschulen”
09.15    Brief overview of the topic “dementia” and the importance of its prevention (Mr. Spreitzer)
09.45    Presentation of the project team | Presentation of the ACDC-platform and the pilotphase in Austria   
10.00    Presentation of guidelines
10.15    discussion
10.45    Conclusion, follow-up projects?
11.00    end


10:00 Il progetto ACDC
Dott. Lorenzo Mammi, Dott.ssa Sandra Indennitate IAL Nazionale, Srl impresa sociale

10:30 L’alfabetizzazione sanitaria in Europa e l’efficacia della formazione cognitiva computerizzata nella prevenzione del declino cognitivo nelle persone con lieve deficit cognitivo
Dott.ssa Valentina Baccolini, Dott.ssa Claudia Isonne Università La Sapienza

11:00 La piattaforma ACDC
Dott.Alberto Rossi ACCMED - Accademia Nazionale di Medicina

11:30 Le linee guida per replicare e istituzionalizzare l’approccio ACDC
Dott. Riccardo Cariani ECECE - European Centre of Entrepreneurship Competence and Excellence

12:00 ViverSi APS: nasce la prima community per la prevenzione della salute cognitiva
Dott.ssa Virginia Amici ViverSi APS

12:30 La riserva cognitiva, quali risorse? La voce degli esperti sul campo. Progetti e proposte 
Dott. Massimo Marianetti, Dott. Angelo Venuti Centro Sperimentale Alzheimer, Fatebenefratelli Ro

ACDC Project Multiplier event titled: "Fighting dementia by playing games: The role of technology in preventing and treating it".

➤ Online Games and technology in the 3rd age: Is it possible?
➤ Are technology and the game weapons against dementia?
➤ Can I have results and monitor my progress while playing?
➤3rd age and development of digital skills. Is it working?

At our event, we will present answers to the above questions giving the attendees the opportunity to be informed about dementia, its forms and how we can distinguish it from simple daydreaming. To be informed about educational programs and actions for the 3rd age, to discuss and exchange views in relation to the challenges and obstacles they face in the implementation of the integrated care of the elderly with dementia through the application of new technologies, online games and development of activities for digital skills.

To this end, we host a series of presentations and open dialogue by scientists and professionals, representing organizations with intense social activity and active in new technologies, the development of digital skills, the education of the elderly, the care of the elderly and the medicine of the elderly, with the ultimate goal of approaching and improving their lives.

"We do not stop playing because we grow up, we grow up because we stop playing" - George Bernard Shaw


➤18.30 - 19.00: Arrival
➤19.00 - 19.10: Welcome - Greetings Grigoris Archimandritis - InterMediaKT | Chrysanthopoulos Konstantinos, President of the Panhellenic Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology, Emeritus Professor of Pathology - Infectious Diseases.
➤19.10 - 19.25: "In dementia technology is a window to the world", Dr. Panagiotis Alexopoulos - Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the Department of Medicine of the University of Patras.
➤19.25 - 19.40: "Memory is our teammate in active aging", Maria Asteriou, Co-Founder of People Behind.
➤19.40 - 19.55: "Memory strengthening games and the results of the European program ACDC Project", Greg Archimandritis, Project Manager InterMediaKT.
➤19.55 - 20.10: "Digital tools and dementia: Caring in times of pandemic", Dimitris Theodoropoulos, Social Worker and General Manager of the Public Benefit and Care Association for the Elderly and the Disabled - I take care of.
➤20.10 - 20.25: "Technology, media and the elderly", Ioannis Manos, Nephrologist.
➤20.25 - 20.30: Closing of the Event - A Dialogue with the speakers will follow